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ISA Songs Wanted?

Are You A Singer, A Band, A Manager
Or A Music Publisher?

If you are a singer or a band in need of new unpublished material for recording or auditioning purposes, you will be aware of just how difficult it is to get top-quality original songs as you want them.

You will also be aware that without original material, it is becoming increasingly difficult to interest the people who matter in the music industry.

Cover versions of other singer's songs will only get you so far - but eventually, you will need something unique to yourself.

If you are a music publisher or manager in need of top-quality unpublished material, then you will also realise just how scarce it can be when you require it for your acts or for special projects.

However, ISA Songwriters are only too happy to make hit material available for such purposes.

And who exactly are ISA Songwriters?

Well, to join the ISA - International Songwriters Association, and become an "ISA Songwriter", you must already have a track record.

In other words, you must at least have one song released on the market, or else have a song placed in a movie.

Or to put it this way - you must have already made it as a songwriter.

On the other hand, as a singer or a band or a manager, all you have to do is to send an e-mail to us containing some basic information, and we will happy to advise our writers of your needs.

There are no fees whatsoever involved - this is an absolutely free service.

So if there are no fees - how do ISA Songwriters benefit?

Well, if you pick one of our member's songs, make a recording of it, and your recording gets airplay, our members will receive royalty payments from the radio or TV outlet through such agencies as PRS or ASCAP or BMI for any broadcasts.

And of course, if you go on to get a recording contract and use the same song, they will also get paid a royalty from the record label and music publisher involved.

But either way, whether you make it or not, it will never cost you a penny, and good original material can open a lot of doors for you!

So what do I need to do to access original songs to help my career?

Just tell us what you want.

To assist you, look at the short SAMPLE TEXT at the bottom of this page which may help you compose your message.

But remember, any or all requirements can be included and the more information you provide, the better and more accurate response you will get.

The main things to include are:

(1) Your name, postal address and e-mail address
The two most important details are your name and your email. A postal address is obviously required if you want a CD sent by post rather than an MP3 by email. A phone number helps - its inclusion means that a writer can discuss your requirements with you, but initially it is not really necessary

(2) The type of material you require
Style of song/male or female lead vocals. In particular, if you require a song in the style of another hit song or in the style of another performer, include that fact

(3) The purpose for which you require the material
For example, is it for a demo, a possible release, a studio master, a public performance, an audition, or what? Also, remember, a copy of anything produced should be sent to the writer for his own files

(4) For whom is the material required?
If not for your own personal use, provide the name or a description of the act or performer who will eventually be using the material

(5) Will you return unsuitable material or not?
Usually, those who do offer to return unsuitable material specify that they will do so but only if a stamped reply envelope is enclosed. Some on the other hand do not offer to return unused material at all. What songwriters like most is to be told fairly quickly if their material is still being considered or not. That way, they can make it available to others if requested

(6) When do you need it?
If you are up against a particular deadline, say so

And that's about it!

As soon as you let us know what your requirements are, we will inform our members through our Private Members Site and through our publication "Songwriter Magazine", allowing them to contact you directly

Sample Text

You can copy and paste this, making whatever changes are needed

"Singer Mary Wills urgently requires a song in the uptempo Britney
Spears style, for a demo and a possible record release.

Words must suit female vocalist.

I will provide a copy of any demo made and will return unsuitable
material if a stamped addressed envelope is enclosed.

Failing this, I will notify you either way by email of any
decision reached in relation to the material sent

Write to;

John Hall, 223 Rocher Street, London W1, UK 

Tel 0207-406 555

or e-mail"

Decided What You Want To Say?

Once you have made up your mind what you want to put in your message, then simply click HERE to send us an email with your details in it.

(Just in case your device does not immediately open up an email form, then send the email directly to me, Jim Liddane, at the address below).

I will acknowledge it by return, and set the wheels in motion by inviting our members to write something suitable for you.

And remember. You get a chance to review something written specially for you by a professional songwriter, without any obligation on your part to accept it.

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